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Using the builder
Different flow types - Walkthrough flow
In the Experience Layer you can create two types of flows. With the "Walkthrough flow" you can create an onboarding or help tour to guide your users through your product.
Different flow types - Hotspot flow
With the "Hotspot flow" you can create subtle hints using tooltips. This is helpful when you want to offer support on specific features without being too intrusive.
Using the studio
User roles
When you create a new user in team settings you can set three different roles. Below you can see what permission the user has in what role:


Permissions: create, edit, delete, publish, see subscription

Permissions: create, edit, delete, publish

Permissions: create, edit, delete
What Is Monthly Active Users (MAU)?
Monthly active users (MAU) are the number of unique visitors reaching the page where the Experience Layer script is installed.

When a user visits a page containing the script, an unique ID is generated for the visitor. Each unique ID means 1 Monthly Active User. If the same user visits the page more than once in a given month, preserving the same local storage so the same ID, we don't count it as another MAU.

But, if the user clears its local storage and then re-visits your page, a new ID must be generated and, this new ID also means 1 MAU. This is also the case when the user changes its computer, or visits the platform incognito.
What happens when I exceed MAU quota?
When you exceed your MAU quota, you can keep using the Experience Layer builder but your guides won't work for all users.
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